100 Happy Days Day 5: Reaching out. Let them know you care and love them.

100 Happy Days Day 5: Reaching out. Let them know you care and love them.

Love is something that is taken for granted everyday.

This blog is simply for you to tell someone you love them. So often we go through life without telling the people who inspire us, or people we look up to that we love them and that they make a difference in our lives.

I believe that it is very important to tell the people in our lives that we love them to encourage them because they inspire you. I also believe you should just encourage people throughout the day, because we never know what someone is going through. That simple “you are loved” or “your doing a great job” can change a person day or life. So many people are depress and feel like the world hates them. We as people need to step up and pour out encouragement into people’s lives in a world that is so negative.

I’m not sure of what happen in the life of famous actor Robin Williams , but I have read that he suffer with depression. Could it be he was suffering because no one was there to uplift him.

In my personal life I suffered with depression as well going up I was never truly happy. I use to wear the biggest smile and be so energetic. No one knew that when I went home I was so unhappy, that I was dealing with so much in my mind. No one knew I was suicidal and wanted to end it all.

I struggled with that all my life. Well until I found someone who can take all of that away. JESUS! God has forever healed me of that sickness called depression. I’m free and I know I’m loved. I’m surrounded by people who love me. Who care about me. When I’m down and I talk to God I’m uplifted immediately because He reminds me of who He says I’m.

Now something that ugly demon tries to stick his head up, but that when I run to Jesus. Or even He runs to me and sends a person with a word that I needed to hear either in person, text, or via social media. God is always reaching out.

If you are reading this blog I want you to know that I love you. I personally pray for you all daily. I might not know you but God knows each and everyone of your hearts the things you deal with that no one knows about. I love you all!!

Today I challenge you to reach out and encourage someone, love on them. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t talked to in awhile, someone in your family, or that co worker who is always distanced. No matter who it is GO OUT AND BE THE LIGHT in this dark world!

Rest in Peace Robin Williams


“Sometimes a person’s big smile and laughter might represent the huge gap in their heart.” -Aldininika Darensbourg

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