My journey to becoming a wife Pt 5


My journey to becoming a wife


Hey you guys I’m so happy to say I’m married and it’s the sweetest thing!! I got married on October 16. 2015 at 7pm. It was everything I dreamed of and it felt like a dream from the moment I walked out into our chapel.

Ok! You might be wondering why is my title is still My Journey to becoming a wife, when in fact I’m married and have papers on him now LOL! But I have decided to keep this series on my blog my journey to Becoming a wife, because quite frankly I’m still becoming a better wife more and more. Every day I find myself having to adjust and compromise a little for the sake of becoming a wife! Becoming a wife isn’t just when you say “I Do” and sign the marriage certificate, no it’s a day to day process that you have to work at and that’s the beauty in it. That’s what keeps you marriage going the fact that you never get comfortable and say “well I’m a wife now there isn’t anything more to do” Oh no you are constantly becoming a wife as you both grow together. Reaching Goals, sharing in life memories, overcoming obstacles! So I plan on keeping this blog and share our live journey and ups and downs with you. So that I can encourage, inspire and help you if you’re married or planning to be married with things you may encounter along the way! Oh I know this won’t be a magical walkthrough Disney World everyday but I will make sure it’s worth fighting for, that we both grow in love more and more, that we strive to grown spiritually as well and the spark always remain!

So join me on my journey as a wife!





Be Blessed!

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Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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