100 Happy days: Day 4 The joy of having great friends 8/10/2014

There is great joy in having great friends. You have someone you can laugh with, cry with, and act like weirdo and not be judge.

If your anything like me you are probably really picky when it comes to friends. I have always been really careful about the friends I choose. Reason being is if you don’t want to be associated with a certain trait a person have then you might not want to be super close.

Over the years I have always had a small circle of friends and I liked it that way. In Elementary I had like 4 really close friends. They were true blue really nice and I like that. Over the years we lost contact because that was before cell phone were popular and everyone had one and social media. In middle school I had three close friends and we did everything together. Hanging out after school and getting home late. There was this one time y’all that we wanted to hangout with the really cute Spanish guys after school around the corner store right. Now we all attended Thurgood Marshall Middle School so after school we are playing around and I was chasing one of the guys I had a crush on “Sergio” and I’m running after him full speed. Then I almost fall I catch myself and I continued chasing him I tried to reach out to grab him and I felled flat on my face and scraped my knee! Ouch! That was so embarrassing! In high school I had five friends we had so much fun! I was blessed through all those years to have had great friends who didn’t get into crazy stuff, now we weren’t perfect, but they were the kids my mom trusted. One of my friends Erica had a car and we had early release together and we use to be all over malls, getting snow balls, and sometimes where we were suppose to be. The memories!!

Now I’m saved and a little older and God has blessed me with not perfect ,but a great group of friends that I’m so blessed to have. I look forward to getting a little a older and having families, and get together’s and all the other things people that get a little older do. I have so many memories these past four years with them from late night taco bell trips to acting pretty weird in Wal-Mart together, or to that “ride or die” night to Wing shack! Even those sentimental late night talks about how God has so transformed us! To all the great parties we throw for the ones we love!

I’m a truly blessed girl to have such great friends who not only love but correct you when your wrong and encourage you! We may disagree but we always come back in love to make things right!


As you get older and grow more in God your circle will get smaller, but make sure its filled with people who won’t mine correcting you when wrong, or if they see you making wrong choices they will step up and say something to you! People who not only care about your friendship with them but also your friendship with God!

I encourage you to get some great friends if you know your friends influences you to do things your not comfortable with I encourage you to leave that friendship, they can only harm you.

“God created us to be social beings, so we can know how to communicate with him” – Pastor Owen McManus



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