My Journey as a wife… Part 6 Submission?

IMG_3228One day in my short three weeks of being a wife, we were driving and I normally give the directions on how to get somewhere , because to be honest my husband isn’t good with directions at all, so I’m his human GPS. Now while driving he got to a point where he remembered how to get to where we were going, so he proceeds to head a different direction then what I originally said and I got so upset! I said “didn’t I say keep straight ” and He says ” I remembered how to get there and I thought I would go this way”. Immediately I was flustered! I was like he get lost that’s on him I’m shutting up! I was so upset y’all. How dare he ask for my assistance and choose his own way. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me “That’s not submission” I  apologized and reflected on what I did wrong.

Now submission isn’t bad, because I know someone read this and was like “submit never I don’t have to submit to no man”. The world makes submission sound so horrible like you bowing down and worshipping a man. When no that isn’t the case at all. The definition of submission is the state of being obedient: the act of accepting the authority or control of someone else the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant. It’s humbling yourself to you head, who is your husband. Now this doesn’t mean your husband rules you like Fidel Castro, but that you humble yourself and submit so that you both can work together.

Most problems happen when we don’t submit, because we feel as though we have to have the last say (oh boy I know it’s hard) and we just shut down and say well when he get lost that’s on him, but that’s not right, because if you don’t help him yall both will be lost. How can we both reach goals if I’m constantly shutting down and trying to get the last word in, it’s impossible to work together as team if the players aren’t unified. Submission brings unity and harmony to a marriage. Once I got over myself , I was able to see the way my husband took was a whole lot faster. Two Points for my MAN!



Be Blessed!

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