A update on me: Why I haven’t been blogging

Well lately I have been doing a corporate fast with my church and I must tell you it has blessed me so much! Now it isn’t over yet but I feel and see God moving unlike any other fast. I have now fasted at the beginning of the year with my church since 2011 and I haven’t seen this much growth well let’s say hunger for the word of God from myself on a fast before. I’m not one to measure my growth but I do feel as if I have grown so much in these few little weeks. Oh my if this can happen to me in just a few short weeks… Oh my just imagine what can happen in a year! God has shown me so much about myself and things He wants me to surrender and remove. I have been doing this awesome devotional from Quite woman Co. and it has blessed my socks off!! Yall m seriously go and check it out!  It has really help in this walk and I have been doing my reading plan off you version. This year I will read the whole bible through without missing days and slacking off!

God has really birth something new into my church, like we have always been the go all out for Jesus church, but God is doing something new and it spark a holy fire in me and I’m so ready for  all God has for us. I encourage all of you to write a vision for this year! Refer back to that vision throughout the year, pray over it. Really seek God for it yall! Like I’m just really excited for this year and I can’t wait! Really anything you believe you can and will achieve!

A quick prayer for you

Lord I think you for every person that reads these blogs. Lord today I ask that you will bless them and speak to them on the things of which you want to fulfill in there lives. Show them the things on which you have called them to do. Bless there households, brings peace where there is confusion, bring joy where there is sorrow, Bring freedom where there seem like there is no way out. Lord Give them their hearts desires.

In Jesus name Amen.

Habakkuk 2:2  “And the Lord said Write the vision and make it plain”

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Give thanks

Yesterday I got off work and I was extremely tired and God started to speak to me on thankfulness! I began to thank Him things. Like I have 14 jackets I can wear for when it gets cold or cool. I use to only have 1. Then I began to thank Him for the little things we take for granted. Sight,hearing,ability to walk and good health. Tears began to streamed down my face as I notice that I had a complaining spirit and didn’t thank God enough. I quickly repented and asked the Holy Spirit to change my heart. Make me more like you. So thankful for the Holy Spirit always reaching out and helping me!
Stop and thank God today!!


2015 you are here! Finally….


Ahh!!! it’s 2015 and I’m 32 mins into it already and I can definitely feel the change!!

I’m so excited for this year and so ready for all God has for me. I’m ready to break loose! My theme songs for this year is Israel and New Breed, No limits (enlarge my territory) and I’m Coming out By the lovely Diana Ross. I’m shaking off Fear and doubt. Leaving behind all of my past mistakes big and small and NOT looking back! I’m stomping the devil and Yelling Get Behind me Satan! (Matthew 16:23)

This is my Year and I claim it in Jesus name! It’s time for a expansion in the spirit and naturally. Last year I elevated and fought the good fight of faith and did not give up! So, now it’s only right that I expand in every area of my life!

  • In my Finances I speak life
  • In my Ministries I speak life
  • In my Mind I speak life
  • In my Relationships I speak life

I not only speak life but fruit! I know this is the year of expansion were the vision that was planted, written down and watered is not about to sprout up and blossom and bear much fruit! God bless me Indeed!

I’s so excited in Jesus right now ! #greatness #makingHisnamefamous

Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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