Making Wise Decisions!

A lot of times we go into a season Where we are not seeking God’s wisdom on things whether it be small or big decisions. God wants us to use wisdom in all things by seeking wisdom we save our souls from a lot of big oopsies that can be avoided. Proverbs is a great place to start to understand the importance of seeking wisdom and understanding I believe it’s important to have understanding as well so when something is withheld from us we will know that maybe God is in transit her does but he’s trying to protect us. God wants to give us wisdom but we must ask him good faith that he will provide an answer.

I hope this video really were help you choose to seek wisdom before making decisions.

Making Wise Decisions |Becoming Beautiful


Right Place , Right Time.

Have you ever been caught in the lie you could be so further along? Sometimes we can be stressing over something that God is saying it’s okay you smack right in the will of God.

Watch my video below and let it encourage you!

Right Place Right Time | Becoming Beautiful

Prayer & Fasting

Raise your hand if you love to fast? Okay no hands I see. Well that’s how I used to feel before I learned the importance of Fasting. Fasting is just a cleanse if it’s not accompanied by prayer. So me personally love the benefits of Fasting! So after this video I hope you are excited about prayer and fasting!

Prayer & Fasting Becoming Beautiful

Fresh Outlook

What’s your vision for 2018? Have you decided on goals yet? Well I know a lot people don’t like to set goals , because most of the time we don’t keep them. We failed the first month of our new year new body goals. I think we tend to fall astray on goal because they are not lining up with God plans for us. I hope after watching this video you will see the importance in planning , but most importantly planning with God!

Fresh Outlook Becoming Beautiful