My journey to Becoming a wife # 2

Finding the Balance

The joy of picking out flowers and finding the perfect dress, oh and congrats and best wishes you receive from everyone. Preparing for a wedding can be loads of fun and it can also frustrating all at the same time.

Now I have been engaged for about two months, it has been the most joyous time of my young life.  God has been speaking to me on things that I had started to slack on and lost balance. I’m sure is happy that he is showing me this now or else down the line I would be a total wreck. With all this planning and trying  to imagine how this new life will be. A girl can get caught up in the bliss and dreaming and lose focus of the importance of seeking the one who gave me my one!

So I’m a huge planner I like to plan every big and little detail right away so everything can be smooth sailing. So basically immediately after being proposed to I began to plan. Yes! I Finally after months and months of pinning can start putting those thousands of pins on pinterest to use! What a feeling!

Since I work overnight I started while at work I would research and research. Looking for the perfect dress and shoes, to bouquets, and DIY projects! That began to take up most of my time overnight.  From the moment I clocked in to the moment I clocked out that was my life. It became overwhelming and tiresome. Then this little voice told me that’s because you put me to the side.

That little voice which was the voice of the Holy Spirit brought so much conviction to my heart. He was right I lost focus. I got so focus on planning that when it came time to read my bible I was to tired and sleepy to keep my eyes open.

I had cut out God’s word the very thing that give my spirit life and enables me to go on. The thing that inspires me to go on! I had cut out His voice. I no longer could hear what he had to say to me, because I was so focus on the very thing I have been praying for.

I notice several ways when my relationship with God is on ice. One way is my relationship with my fiancé gets rocky. Now this might not be true for everyone but this is how God shows me. I notice we would argue about the craziest things or I would be more stubborn  that normal. Trust me I can be really stubborn without the Holy Spirit. Oh! but once I get back to my secret place I notice how everything smooth out! Life becomes manageable and not so cray cray!

It could be anything that we put before God, job, kids, fiancés, ministry, finances, or even ourselves. I have learned and still learning a lot that God needs to be first. He is so jealous for me and Loves me with everything that he would even go to the extremes of sacrificing His only son for little ol me! I have no choice but to take him off the back burner and keep Him as my main focus. It’s a daily choice to take up my cross and follow Him. It’s not a obligation but a joy! To sit at His feet and be in His presence. No place I rather be!

Matthew 6:33 But Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.


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