God is with you…

Scpritures mention in video:

Jeremiah 1:17-19

Joshua 1:9


Coming Back to Christ?

The road is narrow and hard but we can return to our father. He gives us His Holy Spirit so that we can live victorious lives for Him. I hope this video encourages you to commit to Christ!

Being strong in the faith! 

This past week I’ve been praying about what to read and how to reignite my passion for God. This has been my prayer for awhile, I went through a dry patch and it was tough. God basically told me the same thing He has said “just get back in and don’t worry about how much or about how little just get back in”. 
That has blessed me so I got back in and God laid it on my heart to read Psalms and proverbs. Now I have always had trouble with reading my word, prayer was easy to me so simple so powerful. Honestly throughout the time I have been saved I never really stayed committed to reading my bible. I always was to busy or tired. As I have grown and reflected back on my journey with God, I thought to myself maybe that is why you lost your fire. 
Prayer is powerful and awesome. It’s our direct line to the Father, but I do believe without reading the word of God it is useless. It’s like having a shield and no sword , polish remover and no polish, or a car and no wheels. It’s pretty useless one without the other. I realize I was just trying to survive with just wine no bread (John 6:35). In Ephesians 6:17-18 it instructs us to take the sword which is the word of God while praying always. This shows me that one without the other is truly mayo and no bread, useless. 
The word of God when we read it daily with prayer it prepares us for the battles ahead of us. It makes us ready for the attacks of the enemy. Because he is roaming around looking for people without their sword so that he can devour them (1 Peter 5:8). When the enemy come we need to be ready to combat his lies with the truth standing strong, because the same power that raise Christ from the dead is alive in us (Romans 8:11). God did not gives us His spirit so that we can be cowards when the devil comes to spew lies and discouragement at us. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us God has given us a Spirit of Power, Love and a sound mind. NO FEAR! We are not tossed by the winds of deception, discouragement, hate etc. We need to, We have to read daily so that we can know exactly what God has given us and we can be STRONG IN THE FAITH. 

Birthing Purpose 

I remember at the moment I found out that I was pregnant. I remember my husband kept singing on January 13 take a pregnancy test. I was waiting patiently for January 13th just to look at the test and see that it was negative. I had zero faith that I would be pregnant, because we’ve been trying for a long time and no baby ever came about it so I begin to think that maybe it wasn’t God timing or maybe something was wrong with me. But on January 11th I had to go to the emergency room because I was having trouble with my asthma. While I was there they had me take a pregnancy test just to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant because they were going to have to do a x-ray of my lungs. I took the test the first nurse left it with us just sitting on the counter. And the whole time I wanted to look at it and just see what I was afraid of being disappointed again. My husband looked at it and he was like “oh it has two lines”. I was so confused I was like two lines what does that mean. My husband trying to make light of the situation and said “I guess is double negative because in case you thought was wrong”. I felt so defeated I feel like I’m never trying this again! The Dr comes in and my husband ask her what does the test mean? She tells us “it’s positive” she thought we knew all along and we were like no so she congratulated us. That was the happiest moment of our life. 
I was so happy ,because wow that was a little life growing inside of me! The same time I really didn’t feel pregnant because I was so early on I was only four weeks. I began to download the apps to monitor my pregnancy and to see how big the baby is at that time. I looked at all the different foods that I shouldn’t eat I was really excited and one day I decided to pray. 
When I prayed I said “God I really don’t know what I’m praying about but, I pray you will protect my baby, that my baby will be healthy and strong, and that my baby will live out the purpose that you have ordained for my baby’s life and then it hit me I’m carrying purpose. I begin to think this is a big task. I’m in charge of nurturing this purpose and making sure that this purpose comes to pass. I realized that being a mama even this early is a big responsibility. So I begin to pray for this purpose inside my womb. 
Now I’m 25 weeks and I can feel this purpose moving inside of me. I feel pregnant all the time with my growing belly, achy back and swelling feet. I’m carrying purpose! 
I think back to the Bible when God announce to Mary that she will be pregnant with the savior of the world and when Hannah prayed for Samuel. And when Zechariah and Elizabeth received the news that they will be carrying the child that will make way for the Lord. This showed me how God gives every child here on earth a special purpose and I begin to think about the purpose of our baby. I don’t quite know it fully yet and I pray for it all the time, but I see how every child is so special ,every child is so unique ,every child has a God-given purpose that is meant to live out. It’s up to the mothers in the fathers to make sure that that purpose is nurture. 
Are you nurturing the purpose God has given you?
Whether you’re pregnant or not you have a reason for being on this earth. Whether your mother and father raised you in the ways of the Lord or you’re just coming to salvation there is an identity that was placed on you were formed in your mothers womb. Are you making sure that your purpose in this life is being fulfilled because there are people waiting for you to walk in your God given destiny. 

My Journey as a wife… Part 6 Submission?

IMG_3228One day in my short three weeks of being a wife, we were driving and I normally give the directions on how to get somewhere , because to be honest my husband isn’t good with directions at all, so I’m his human GPS. Now while driving he got to a point where he remembered how to get to where we were going, so he proceeds to head a different direction then what I originally said and I got so upset! I said “didn’t I say keep straight ” and He says ” I remembered how to get there and I thought I would go this way”. Immediately I was flustered! I was like he get lost that’s on him I’m shutting up! I was so upset y’all. How dare he ask for my assistance and choose his own way. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me “That’s not submission” I  apologized and reflected on what I did wrong.

Now submission isn’t bad, because I know someone read this and was like “submit never I don’t have to submit to no man”. The world makes submission sound so horrible like you bowing down and worshipping a man. When no that isn’t the case at all. The definition of submission is the state of being obedient: the act of accepting the authority or control of someone else the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant. It’s humbling yourself to you head, who is your husband. Now this doesn’t mean your husband rules you like Fidel Castro, but that you humble yourself and submit so that you both can work together.

Most problems happen when we don’t submit, because we feel as though we have to have the last say (oh boy I know it’s hard) and we just shut down and say well when he get lost that’s on him, but that’s not right, because if you don’t help him yall both will be lost. How can we both reach goals if I’m constantly shutting down and trying to get the last word in, it’s impossible to work together as team if the players aren’t unified. Submission brings unity and harmony to a marriage. Once I got over myself , I was able to see the way my husband took was a whole lot faster. Two Points for my MAN!



Be Blessed!

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Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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