Being strong in the faith! 

This past week I’ve been praying about what to read and how to reignite my passion for God. This has been my prayer for awhile, I went through a dry patch and it was tough. God basically told me the same thing He has said “just get back in and don’t worry about how much or about how little just get back in”. 
That has blessed me so I got back in and God laid it on my heart to read Psalms and proverbs. Now I have always had trouble with reading my word, prayer was easy to me so simple so powerful. Honestly throughout the time I have been saved I never really stayed committed to reading my bible. I always was to busy or tired. As I have grown and reflected back on my journey with God, I thought to myself maybe that is why you lost your fire. 
Prayer is powerful and awesome. It’s our direct line to the Father, but I do believe without reading the word of God it is useless. It’s like having a shield and no sword , polish remover and no polish, or a car and no wheels. It’s pretty useless one without the other. I realize I was just trying to survive with just wine no bread (John 6:35). In Ephesians 6:17-18 it instructs us to take the sword which is the word of God while praying always. This shows me that one without the other is truly mayo and no bread, useless. 
The word of God when we read it daily with prayer it prepares us for the battles ahead of us. It makes us ready for the attacks of the enemy. Because he is roaming around looking for people without their sword so that he can devour them (1 Peter 5:8). When the enemy come we need to be ready to combat his lies with the truth standing strong, because the same power that raise Christ from the dead is alive in us (Romans 8:11). God did not gives us His spirit so that we can be cowards when the devil comes to spew lies and discouragement at us. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us God has given us a Spirit of Power, Love and a sound mind. NO FEAR! We are not tossed by the winds of deception, discouragement, hate etc. We need to, We have to read daily so that we can know exactly what God has given us and we can be STRONG IN THE FAITH. 


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