ChAos…. why the world needs Jesus.



The world is in such a uproar! Racism, Politics, War. Would you agree?

Now I normally don’t watch the news or any tv really. But lately I have been trying to stay up to date with everything that has been going on in this world. Something that was real big  was the Michael Brown Ferguson ordeal. Some say the cop was right, some say he was wrong.  Then oversea we have a battle going on with ISIS, missing planes and more and more everyday. I was in the gym the other day and I notice every channel the news was still on things from weeks ago. I realize the world is stagnant, never changing and never growing.  They are stuck on the same topics form last year, better yet, 4 years ago. Gas prices, Ebola, Ferguson, ISIS, South Korea, and the list goes on.  News flash the world will never change!! It will only produce what it has always produced chaos, violence, and small moments of so call peace!!

The only thing that can change the world is “people” yes “people falling so in love with Jesus” ,but the world can change us. What do you mean it can change us? If you are always focusing on what’s going on in the world you could lose sight and gain fear. Fear of what can happen, to your job, kids, and fear of catching a incurable disease, etc.

We can get so caught up in what’s going on in the world we can lose focus on Jesus being our everything. We see the US in a horrible bind with money and we forget God is our provider. We see the Ebola virus spreading and forget God is our healer. We see that people are dying and being killed everyday and forget God is our protector. The same way He protected the Israelites from the Egyptians He will do the same for us. YES! even if you run up to the ocean and the enemy is right on your tail. God can part it and He can send a angel down to protect you!

They protest but only produce more hate. Their hearts may come with the right motives ,but more hatred is built up for one other. What the world need is Jesus. People accepting Jesus is their lives is the only thing that can soften the hearts and turn things around. He is a turn it around God! Making crooked ways straight, changing hearts of hate to hearts of love, allowing rain to fall in dry places, bringing life where their was only death and decay. The only way this can happen is , if we CHRISTIANS get off our tails and tell people about the one who saves! One life reaches other and that life reaches another! A snowball effect for Jesus!

Quick testimony one day at the bus stop I got over my fear and nerves and invited an young girl to church, well that day we exchanged contacts stayed in touch she came to church gave her life to God. A few months later she finally got her boyfriend to come and yesterday he gave his heart to God! Praise God! I wanted to cry when I saw him at the altar! But that is a snowball effect, but the great thing about a snowball effect  is that it keep on rolling and getting bigger and bigger!!

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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