Back from my hiatus!

So….. where have I been??

Same place just been trying to organize my life seeing where everything fits and what needs to be removed, and what needs to be added!

I have been writing a mini book lol yes I have I have always had a passion to write short stories since I was little and I wrote some back in the day! But I’ll give you guys a snippet and you tell me what you think… not it this post but sooner than later.

Nothing new in my life has happen, but just the normal things church, work, work and church…hanging out with the bf and friends..those shenanigans.

Now for something that will uplift ya!

The last sermon my pastor preached was so prophetic God was speaking to me about it in December 2014. It was about using what is in your hands and it will bring you to your ultimate destiny in God. I was really discourage because I felt as though I had nothing in my hand, nothing to give God and basically I felt rather useless. I felt as though everyone had something and not me. But then God spoke to me and was basically like remember all that planning I had you do for your belong group (church interest group), and all the planning had you do for hospitality(church ministry) in December I was preparing you for this. So okay I see what’s in my hand. What is in your hand will lead you to you purpose in God! It may seem small but being faithful with the little God will make you ruler over much!

Oh and I went to a bethel worship night!! it was so amazing despite the crazy that was there (will discuss in later blog).

any who January and February has been good to me!

Have a great rest of the month and stay faithful! See what’s in your hand!

“Don’t despise small beginnings” -Zechariah 4:10


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