2015 you are here! Finally….


Ahh!!! it’s 2015 and I’m 32 mins into it already and I can definitely feel the change!!

I’m so excited for this year and so ready for all God has for me. I’m ready to break loose! My theme songs for this year is Israel and New Breed, No limits (enlarge my territory) and I’m Coming out By the lovely Diana Ross. I’m shaking off Fear and doubt. Leaving behind all of my past mistakes big and small and NOT looking back! I’m stomping the devil and Yelling Get Behind me Satan! (Matthew 16:23)

This is my Year and I claim it in Jesus name! It’s time for a expansion in the spirit and naturally. Last year I elevated and fought the good fight of faith and did not give up! So, now it’s only right that I expand in every area of my life!

  • In my Finances I speak life
  • In my Ministries I speak life
  • In my Mind I speak life
  • In my Relationships I speak life

I not only speak life but fruit! I know this is the year of expansion were the vision that was planted, written down and watered is not about to sprout up and blossom and bear much fruit! God bless me Indeed!

I’s so excited in Jesus right now ! #greatness #makingHisnamefamous

Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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