How to save a life Pt 2

Pensive little girl.

As humans we are so quick to judge, but judgment limits the lives we could save! -Aldininika Darensbourg

Who as ever had that moment where your walking down the street completely minding your own business, rocking out to your favorite music, enjoying the breeze, or rushing somewhere and then God prompts you to speak to someone?? Anyone? Of course everyone have been there before. So most of the time this is how it goes for me

Me: Such a beautiful day *Jamming to Jamie Grace” I’m so happy it’s not freezing prefect weather. Can’t wait to eat two more blocks

Random Stranger: walks pass looks at me

Me: that’s weird they are staring

God: Speak to them

Me: No way they are weird , just staring no speaking *continues to walk*

God: Speak to them

Me: Ok I will *looks for the person*

Me: Ugh they gonna think I’m weird, They wont listen to me….

Random Stranger: Gets on streetcar

Me: oh that must wasn’t God because surely he wouldn’t sent them on streetcar, they were in a rush, probably heading to work, would’ve ignored me anyway **feels guilt ***

So yes God was indeed telling me to speak to that person ,but I was so concerned about the person not liking me( judging) and them being weird. I just lost a life. What if I was firefighter? There is a burning building and there’s a little girl abut 5 or 6 standing by the window looking out yelling franticly and tears flowing down their face, but I’m to afraid to put out the equipment to help her. I constantly let thoughts of she won’t jump because she will be to afraid and won’t trust me. So I don’t put out the equipment , because what the sense of wasting the time to put it out if they won’t jump anyway. But its my job so I began to do it and BOOM! The window she was at the explodes from the inside and she’s gone! I waited to late and lost a life!

That’s the same way it is when we are to witness to someone, or get a word from God and don’t act immediately when the command is given. We allow people’s souls to die everyday when we selfishly resist the voice of God. Once we do that we allow a door for the enemy to walk right in and flood our mines with thoughts. I have heard we have 10 second window to act on the word of God then the enemy comes in. Once you delay the harder it is to obey God.

So today let’s began to obey God’s word the moment we hear it and not let the enemy talk us out of it! No matter if its witnessing, hearing a direct word from God, or anything you may have or will deal with. Obeying God at the moment is obedience, delayed obedience is disobedience.

That’s how you Save a Life!

“If you love me, you will obey what I command.”
-John 14:15

Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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