Blocked blessing???

Just getting off from work and Sitting at the bus stop a lady asked me do you have a transfer and I immediately said no (with a low key attitude) I had just got off work and was really tired I didn’t want to be bother at all. Then she says here take this. She hands me the transfer and walk and get into car with her friend.

God spoke to me saying watch how you response it’s so easy for me to bless you but if you shut up the blessing before it’s given you missed it.
It’s so easy for God to bless us!
God wants to bless us but sometimes we get in the way of our own blessings by our reactions. Our blessings don’t come always in the form or package that we are looking for. God can use anyone because He’s God.

And because of their unbelief, he couldn’t do any miracles among them except to place his hands on a few sick people and heal them. (Mark 6:5 NLT)

Mark 6:1-6
Jesus want to seriously deliver people he probably was so pumped up and excited to be back in His hometown to heal and deliver and set free. But the people was expecting someone great not Mary’s and Joseph son. ??THE CARPENTER??? LOL!! That’s how most of them felt. Their blessings were blocked.

Expect anything and everything from God and expect God to use anyone and everyone, because He is God. -Aldininka Darensbourg


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