HE is a Ocean…



God told me something so amazing the other day and I thought I would share it with you.

Praying one morning in the spirit , just a normal morning time prayer it was so simple and I honestly felt His spirit but I didn’t think He would speak to me like He did.  Just praying like I normally do and then God tells me to play  “Oceans” by Hillsong. So I proceeded to find the song and play it.

His presence grew and I just continued to pray in the spirit, then the lyrisc played “Take me deeper then my feet could ever wander” and God said “I’m a Ocean” and I said “God what do you mean your a ocean?” see before God told me He was a ocean I always listen to the song and always got a revelation  about faith , so when God told me to  listen to it I thought He was going speak to me about faith. But, God switched it up on me so much that morning.

So I asked God ” God what do you mean your a ocean?” He said “ask for more of me” So in obedience I asked for more of Him. Then something dropped in my belly. Oh what a amazing feeling it is when God drops something in you. He said “I’m a Ocean ask for the more of me” and it hit me. God is a OCEAN!!

Ocean definition: a very large expanse of sea, a large quantity, unlimited space, vast.

God is a ocean, He is boundless, and immeasurable. He wants us to know Him more. He wants us to swim deeper into the depths of Him. to step out further. Its beyond our natural capabilities. The song says “take me deeper then my feet could ever wander.” Meaning humanly we can’t go deeper in God naturally, but it requires Him taking us there. It requires us abiding in him so that it can be made possible. See just like the ocean its impossible for man just to swim to the depths of the ocean with just his lungs, but they must equip themselves with  a lot of oxygen to go deeper. Just as us with God we need more of His spirit to go deeper.  See this is what God was telling me ask for more of His spirit. See in order to seek the face of God you must be filled with His Spirit. His Spirit only can dwell where you are empty of self and are clean. So He fills you and you can go to the depths. You have to spend more time with Him in prayer and reading, setting yourself apart and seeking to be more holy.

We must seek God to go deeper.

Seek is a action verb meaning to go out in search for, to discover, to desire and to obtain. See God wants us to know so much about Him. He longs for us to go deeper in Him. He has so much he wants to show us. Just as the ocean the deeper you God the more types of species of fishes, corals, jellyfishes you discover. The same with the deeper you go with go the more you learn about Him, about His love for us, about his attributes, how He longs to be our friend, How He wants to give us everything and more,  how He is a personal God , but there is so much more. God wants our relationship with him to be the best thing ever! He wants us to enjoy it and not get bored. For example say you were in a relationship with someone and the person told you they loved you. But never did anything with you they never took you anywhere, had no intentions of proposing, marriage, or starting a family. They are just comfortable with dating. See God isn’t like that He wants to POUR out everything on you.

God isn’t a SEA, POND OR LAKE OR RIVER if He was we would get tired or bored and turn back, because there is no depth to those bodies of water. He is a Ocean, because that is the deepest body of water there is. Sometimes we don’t see God as a ocean, we just see God as big but not vast we get satisfied with just the surface, but God has called us to go deeper. To get out of the boat and dive in.  The song Oceans to me is a cry from God for us to go deeper into the Depths of Him.

Thank you for reading! Until next time Tons of Love and Hugs!

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