Hygiene Routine! The Embarassing stuff!

This post is for ladies of all ages especially younger ladies!



I about to get real with yall for a second!  Are you ready?

I was so inspired to write this post, one day while mentoring I had so many young ladies with so many questions so hopefully I could address all of those question in this post! If you have anymore question feel free to ask me below or if its a bit personal email me at darensbourga@gmail.com

I remember when I got to that age! You know that age where you found something in your panties and was like What the Heck! Omgsh! Is it happening???  I remember when I first found about that us ladies have a menstrual. It was 5th grade I believe, and I was so ready for it to come. I remember having all these little booklets on it, that I got from school. I use to read them like everyday. I remember in the 7th grade I went to the restroom after lunch and Viola! she was there. I wasn’t sure it was really it or I was just disgusting! The 1st though that came to my mind was eww your disgusting! LOL I honestly thought it was poop, because it was spotty and not heavy! So I tried to clean up and went to class. So I went home and I was watching “The Hughley’s” were there daughter got her first period. Then I thought to myself “NO WAY!!” I ran up the steps to my room and pulled out the booklets went to the restroom and was like. “OMGSH” so I sneaked to my mom’s room took a pad from her and followed the steps and I was so Happy!

Hygiene is so important for women. As a lady we are to be beautiful and gorgeous all day!! Well at least people expect for ladies to be well taken care of and us as ladies should always want to be that way. No need to by fancy expense stuff to take care of yourself the simple such works just as well. But I do have things I prefer over others. Also, as women we have some special areas to consider for personal hygiene. Those who are of reproductive age have a monthly menstrual cycle, which requires more attention to cleanliness. Protection must be changed several times a day, and showering or bathing become even more important for cleanliness and odor control. Let’s go!!

Hygiene Routine:

  1. We must take baths/showers everyday!

Lol seriously its a must! Us as women have special areas that need that attention everyday! When its that time of month I shower twice a day!


2. Wash your face

This is something that keeps your pretty faces from breaking out. Especially if you wear makeup or do sports activities. Find a good cleanser, my favorite Is raw black soap. It keeps marks out of my face.!


3.  Brush you teeth everyday!

I can say I don’t brush twice but I do brush twice if I’m about to head out to hang out with friends or going on  a date. I do try to brush twice but most of the time I fail! Flossing is good to something else I don’t do!


4. Put on lotion

As a lady its important to have smooth, moisturize skin! I personally put on lotion every time I get out the shower. My favorite lotion is St. Ives! Find a lotion that works good for your skin!

5. Change yourself regularly

When its that time of the month  you should check down there often.  You should change your pad every 3- 4 hours or as often as needed for heavier flows. For tampons experts say don’t leave it in for over 8 hours. Me personally I don’t leave mines in for over 4. hours , or I change it as often as needed.  Also,  I don’t were  tampons at night when I’m sleep I wear a overnight pad. Let her breath down there lol!  Also I always keep a pouch on me with pads and tampons and liners in there. So I can always be prepared.  Then it a cool way to keep it hidden from everyone.


6. Wear panty liners (optional)

I like to wear them  everyday just to feel clean and fresh. Its good for catching discharge.



I hope this was a good guide for you ladies. If you have any more question or maybe a blog you would like me to do email me @ darensbourga@gmail.com or Facebook message me https://www.facebook.com/aldininikad

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