Looking straight ahead

Many of us deal with the problem of looking to the left and to the right to see what is going on. Many of times that takes us directly off the path that God wanted us to take. We get so easily distracted when we take our eyes off of God. So many things are there to distracted us, for me it has been looking at others and seeing how well they are doing and comparing myself to them. I had a huge problem, I would forget all God has told me He called me to be and looked at others and said surely God has called and chosen them, because I’m not like this,I can’t do that, or they are more qualified!

I had to seriously pray and ask God to remove that spirit of inferiority off of me. It’s still a struggle sometimes , but I know what it is and I can conquer it anytime that nasty little monster of distraction tries to stick his head up.

I writing this to encourage you! You were perfectly created by a Perfect God who made you for a purpose!

Listen to this Podcast by Martha Munizzi it really uplifted me and I know it will do the same for you!




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