My Bible School testimony PART 1:


People are always asking me why did I attend bible college well here you go. I have broken down the reason why I have attended and here is Part one!


To do this I must go back to 2009 when God placed a calling on my life while I was very much in sin.  It was October 2009 and I was in my first year in college at Delgado. I remember being there and feeling so out of place , like I was not where I was suppose to be. I didn’t belong. I was so far away from God and I knew it, at night I use to cry out to God to help me stop sinning and telling him I was so sorry for not getting it right. There was this one night when it change my view on everything. I was in my bed just randomly watching a movie when I had the sudden urge to pray. I felt like my life was spinning out of control. I was doing things that I once said I would never do.  So I began to pray “Our father…..” and as I began to pray God gave me this vision where I was preaching to a crowd of people and telling them that there is hope, and that they should rebel against the world and stand up for Christ. There was more that I said but I only remember that part. I remember my mom  opening the door of my room peeking in because I was so loud. I remember looking at her and thinking to myself I can’t control this. I kept going until it stopped and I began to tell God ” I can’t do this I’m not living right how am I suppose to tell someone about Jesus!”

From that day I desperately tried to live right, But I failed horribly.

Speeding up to March 26, 2010 where I was invited  to the best church in the world City Church of New Orleans! Then on March 28,2010  day I gave my life to Jesus and I never turned back! I came to church every Sunday and left so many old bad influences, but it wasn’t until May 2010 where God told me something that really started everything. God told me ” Go to the bible college” those words I kept secret for a little then I told someone at the church and then I told my mom and Oh Boy!  Well it didn’t matter what my mom said even though it did, but I knew I heard the voice of God telling me to go so no going back!

My family was against me going but I went anyway!

So that whole summer I tried to raise money for my tuition. I got a job at Hollister and things were looking up. I sold brownies in front of stores all over the city and on the bus! August rolled around quick and I only had 70 dollars saved and the part time job at Hollister barely gave me any hours. It was crunch time and I had not even the down payment. I remember getting that text message from Deacon Atiya ( who is now Elder Atiya) ” How are things coming along with your payments” all I could say was that “I only have 70 dollars and that I wasn’t going to attend this year I was going o just sit out go back to Delgado and come next fall.”  I immediately received a phone call from her and she prayed with me right there on the phone and I felt a RELEASE! Once I got off the phone with her I began praising God like I just got a check in the mail for 1 million dollars! I listened to “Turn it around” by Israel Houghton.

But  God proved himself faithful!

My pastor was preaching a series called “Temple Prayer” and he called special days of prayer. Well there was this one day that I wanted to be there so bad. I spoke with Deacon Atiya that day and she tried so hard to get me a ride there. It seemed as if nothing was coming through , but then at the last moment she texted that a girl named Tessalyn was going to come and get me. I immediately texted her step by step directions to my house.  We finally made it there a little late and the chapel was packed! People were standing along the wall and out of all that there was one seat available and I wasn’t going to sit there, because maybe they went to the restroom. Then the Holy Spirit told me to sit there.  The Spirit of God was so in that place! As we where praying the lady sitting next to me leaned over with tears flooding her eyes and she asked me ” What was holding me back” and then the words “My Finances” rolled out of my mouth with tears flowing down my face. The lady then told me” God is telling me to sponsor you for IBI” I began to cry more and she cried more and we hugged!  She paid half of my first year tuition! My Uncle who supported me paid my down payment! God is a faithful God!

I came that year because God told me to and He proved Himself so faithful! If I called you to it I will bring you through it.  I overcame so much that summer. I knew God as my father but He became my faithful father that summer!

If today you are struggling with the commitment of giving yourself more to God I’m here to encourage you to step out and do it! God is so faithful! People may come against you and turn their backs on you, but I promise you that God will always be there! Follow His leading and you will never be lead wrong.

“God is looking for people who will step out and go out for him”

Isaiah 6:8

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