100 Happy Days!


Can you be happy for 100 days in a row??

This challenge is about finding the silver lining in every day! Seeing the things you should be happy for. Yes sometimes we all have straight up bad days, but you should find at least one thing out of that whole day to be HAPPY about. Even, if it just something as simple as a coke.

I challenge you to find the happiness in every day with me! Just hash tag  #100Happydays on Instagram or on Facebook. Also, go to 100happydays.com to register!

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Fun Facts about this challenge:



Just to catch you up a bit I started this challenge August 7, 2014 on Instagram

Here are the pictures:

August 7, 2014


#coolhair #sunnyday Was about to catch the bus heading downtown. oh how I love being outside and downtown!

August 8, 2014


At my church Singles mixer!! it was so much fun You can be Christian and have Good Clean fun!!

I love dressing up and being a lady! Besides I got to dance with this cutie all night! lol

August 9, 2010


This song is so amazing it uplifted me that whole day Counting it all Joy! All my struggles, pain tears, because Jesus has blessed me so much !!

Now I challenge you Start now!

“No matter what you deserves to smile, because the sun is always shining on the other side of the clouds during a storm! What a big God we serve!”                 -Aldininika Darensbourg


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