Discovery Camp Search and Rescue

I just got back from the best days of my life thus far…

This was my second time attending discovery camp. The first time I went back in 2012 which was awesome. My life was so impacted. This time I went with expectancy for God to do all what he did last time and more!

Day One

We arrived! Lol As I get off the bus im so excited.

1.I wanted to see what God had in store for me!

2. I wanted to win the cleanest dorm award!

3. I couldn’t wait for prayer culture!

So, we get settled in our room and then meet up for dinner and our first evening service Discovery Christ. Pastor Peter Preached about Jesus being our coast guard about how he run into the face of danger to rescue us when we are drowning in sin, depression, despair! He runs to us no matter what coming in His way. Hurricane, Tornado’s, Tsunamis. etc. He will be there just call out his name! It was so powerful seeing 300 plus teenagers give their hearts to Christ!

then I get to my room to find out we have new room mates from another church, but y’all these girls were so awesome!


Day Two

I’m up early at 6:30- 7:00 am I believe getting ready for Bibles before breakfast for 7:30! It was so awesome I love the way they broke it down!. Now I have been saved for 4 years but I never had a true hunger for the word of God. I always had a hunger for prayer but I read my word out of obligations. I heard my pastor always talk about how when he got saved how the Word of God was basically all he wanted, he had a hunger for the word and couldn’t put the bible down. I would always say God I want that but it wouldn’t happen… So I continue to read and pray for that hunger. Well while at Bible before breakfast I continue asking. I wanted to leave changed! So here is how they break it down 5 minutes of worship, 5 minutes of reading the bible, and 5 minutes of prayer!. Then if you do this everyday it will grow to 10,10,10 and then to 15,15,15 and then to 30,30,30 and so on, because you would began have more of a hunger and desire to read and spend time with God!

Next we have a morning session Decide to Change allowing the Holy Spirit to show you things in you that needs some changing. I was so open and he revealed to me the things I needed to change and I also knew some things that needed changing!

She gave 3 points on how the Holy Spirits helps us to change

  1. The Holy Spirit guides us- allowing him to show us things in us that we don’t need and also showing us friends, things, etc we don’t need.
  2. The Holy Spirit guards us- He protects us from people and things that may harm us physically, mentally, or spiritually. example that gut feeling you get FOLLOW IT!
  3. The Holy Spirit gives us – good things like the fruit of the spirit, and a super awesome language that only God knows! The devil has no clue on what you are saying.

Then there was a Holy Spirit workshop where people were filled with a new language which was such a beautiful thing I was over whelmed by how the Holy Spirit moved! People who were hungry were filled!!

Night session (Miracle Session)

Discover His Calling

It was so great I had one question that I wanted God to answer, What have you called me to do? I knew the answer, but I couldn’t accept it fully. He showed  gave me a vision. I also went up for prayer for that as well. This really awesome TBI alumni/Discovery camp staff  name Esther prayed for me. (she is so cool y’all and on fire for God!)

Oh by the way before every session there is CRAZY AWESOME praise and worship!

 Bible B4 Breakfast

  • Worship 5min- your favorite worship song or a song God places in your heart
  • Read 5mins – ask God what he wants to show you and write it down
  • Pray 5mins – Ask God what to pray for, pray for things dear to your heart, pray for family friends etc. Pray for God’s Heart!

Day Three

Up early again at 7am and out the door headed to bibles before breakfast for 7:30am where God gives me a world about begin faithful Luke 19.

Leadership Brew

I was so honored to be able to attend this leaders only session! Pastor Andrew gave such great points. Most of them stuff that my church already does, but it was so good to hear it! it really ignited something in me that I cant wait to put to work!

Some keys he gave (not all, it was special lol)

  • communication is key
  • you must love what you do
  • Where ever there is order glory follows

Night session (Miracle Session)

Develop Compassion Matthew 9:35-38

See spoke on intercession and how we need to pray for the people we meet, know and those we don’t. How we should be intercessors! See link below for awesome video!

That night God also confirmed everything to me , Be faithful! God is so faithful!!


Day Four

Last day 😦

No bible before breakfast so I had one by myself and I got to see the cutest family of deer’s. God gave me more on being faithful!

Do Community

Pastor Peter preached on doing community, witnessing and making disciples! I told God I want to be a witnessing fanatic!!

We got on the bus and headed back home!

I meet so many great people that I pray God continues to do great things in their lives! God has given me so much on this trip, I now have a hunger for His word seriously y’all I cant put it down! I accepted my calling! I have a new method of praying, I’m not doing 5, 5, and 5. I’m doing 5,5, and 5 but 3 times a day. I encourage you to join in! You don’t have to do it 3 times a day but what ever God lays upon your heart!

“A fire always start off small, but when more is added it grows!” – Aldininika Darensbourg


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