The Confidence Issue: Part 1 ” Loving the skin your in”


Ever felt like you were lacking confidence? Well I have felt like that several times. Growing up it wasn’t easy being a kid. I never felt loved, or pretty. I always felt like I had to do something to be loved. I had such low self esteem. I constantly battled with the thoughts ” am I pretty enough?” “are my clothes cool enough?”  “Will the guys like me?”. All these questions I had floating through my mind. Pretty normal for a child right? Yes and no. What was the cause of these questions? I felt often like I wasn’t fit to be certain people friend because of how I look. I want to show you in this blog how to Love the skin your in.

As a little girl growing up I remember being teased because I was dark and thinking it was a bad thing being dark, because you got picked on. I remember one day we were all lining up in the hallway for lunch. Pushing, shoveling, laughing, being really loud with all the excitement from being let out of class. me and my friend proceeded to skip the line to get closer to our other friends. That’s what kindergartens do. I remember that moment when I tried to skip one of the guys saying “You cant skip your not pretty” I remember that being the first time I have ever heard anyone say those words. Those words hurt and the laughter of other kids. I began to look at it deeper , why didn’t he think I was pretty. I began to notice the color of  my friends skin and mines were different. See I never notice or knew of color before then, but that’s were it all began the color crisis.


That’s a pretty girl right?

From that moment I began to want to be just like “them” the lighter color people. I began to lose sight of who I was. I wanted to dress act, talk, and listen to their music.

See it wasn’t until I found Christ is where I thought I was pretty. Seriously in 2010 was the FIRST time I looked into a mirror seen a pretty girl. Before I seen all the things I needed to fix, the things people didn’t like about me. The stuff people smirked and laughed about. My skin color, my hair, my teeth, and the list goes on. It was crazy I really let people determine my life but its so easy for us to do that when we don’t know who we are. For me it took 19 years to find out who I was. Now I’m able to love the skin I’m in.

For you it may be something different that you dealt or is still currently dealing with, but through Christ we can lay those things down, Through Christ we can find who we truly are. We all having different callings, and destinies!

Spend some time with Jesus and ask him is there any past insecurities that might be holding you back from going further in him. Insecurities can holds us back from our calling in Christ, it keeps us from being bold and stepping out.

Never compare yourself to anyone because we all have diffenent fingerprints for a reason, to be UNIQUE! -Aldininka Darensbourg


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