Becoming beautiful flaws and all

 I decided to be open like a book, because even though I’m behind this screen and you read or will read all these great stories on how I over came and all this great encouragement I’m still human I have so many flaws and I’m not perfect at all. I make so many mistakes and some decision are not too wise. I beat myself about a lot of small things and sometimes lose faith. Then I need encouragement myself. But I continue to press on and continue this race because I won’t be perfect AT ALL at least not on this earth.

Everyday I learn something new about myself, something new to kill in myself. That is a Christian walk not walking around like nothing ever goes wrong or I’m perfect, because I’m a Christian Human being and I’M NOT PERFECT and I love not being perfect!!!

This blog is all about my life day to day, week to week year to year, well you get it… I’m sharing things that I feel would help you, encourage you, or give you faith. Often in my walk I went through things thinking no one else could relate, but to find out that people all around me were going through he exact same thing. This is another reason why I want to be crazy open so YOU won’t feel alone, or give up!

Number one rule is to take the ball and keep rolling. No matter what goes on, no matter who leaves or gets bench. Something we need to be benched to take a step back and watch the game replays and see what we done wrong and how to fix it.

Our Christian walk is a journey….. now let’s walk!

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Quick announcements!!

I’m so excited about my YouTube channel that will be starting soon!! I’ll keep you posted!




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