Priority Check Are you on track?

Wishful Wednesday

What are your top three priorities ?
Is the question my pastor asked this Sunday. This question rocked me It made me think hard. As he told us how God has asked him think and that his number one priority above everything is to be a father, and a husband. How he thought it was to pray and intercede, pastor, etc.

So the next day in my prayer time I had a talk with God and we went over just that my top three priorities.
Top priorities
1.Prayer and Intercessor
2. Being a leader in Hospitality and 180y
3. YouTube channel and Blog

These are my top three I picked number one because that’s what I’m called to do and a gifting that I have. Not something that I just want to do but something I feel that is required of me. This is not just my regular alone time with God this is different this is when God place someone or something on my heart and I have to go in on someone’s behalf. Most of the time I don’t know who or what I’m interceding for I just know there is a urgency. Secondly , being a leader over Hospitality (ministry) and 180Y (youth division ) at my church. While I reflected on those things God showed me I haven’t been giving it my all that I slacked up and needed to refocus. This Is why I love spending time with God, He shows you how much he cares through simple things like “hey your slipping, here is how to fix it” so I want to devote more time in those areas. I never want to lose sight on the things God has given me “faithful with little God will make us rulers over much”. Thirdly is my blog and Youtube channel. Now before my blog and youtube channel my priority was being a intern at the bible college I attended. Actually that was my #1 priority but now since I graduated my priorities have changed. I can now devote more time to prayer, intercession, ministry, and now my youtube channel and blog. Doing this “priority check”I now see the things I need to work on and my life can get more in order.

It’s normal for is as busy humans to get sidetracked and off. But all it takes is coming back to the Father and re-prioritizing our life. Asking and seeking God for the things we need to let go of or the things we need to devote more time to.

I challenge you to spend time with God and do a “priority check”

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